Sunday, August 16, 2009

We're Still Live on the Hope for Healing.Org Blogathon!

We're still live for the Hope for Blogathon. I will admit that it is getting harder to post as the night goes on. Next time, we won't schedule the blogathon for the same day that we move out of our office. Ouch!

But I'm not really complaining. We need to raise awareness about our organization and the people we help. What better way to do that by having a blogathon?

I've already had someone tell me today that they didn't know how it is to support us. Donating couldn't be easier than using the search engine link below. Plus, iGive has all sorts of toolbars and tools that we can use to help raise funds.

The Amazon.Com link on the front page of our site helps too. Anytime you order anything from Amazon.Com please consider using our link. It won't cost you any more than it normally would and the income helps us help others.

I think that's still a win-win right:??

Make your searches count.isearchigive Click here to help victims.

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