Saturday, August 15, 2009

Moving the Ministry of Hope for Healing.Org

People are asking about the move we are doing today. (Yes, on top of the blogathon we are moving!) Everyone is asking where we are going. The truth is that we don't have a location yet. Our fondest hope is to remain in the local Strawberry Plains community.

We are actively looking for a building or place that we can rent or get donated. The current situation is no longer conducive to a productive business environment. The 100 year old buildings simply have too much work to be done to them.

Last week, the window in one of the buildings fell in. Then, there was the lady who came into the ministry center and handed us the doorknob. There have also been other occurrences. We have no air conditioning in one building and no heat in either. There also appears to be little if any insulation.

We knew about the heat and AC when we rented the buildings. We did not know the landlord had zero intentions of doing needed repairs to keep the buildings usable. To us, the building problems seem to go well beyond general maintainence issues.

On Friday, I posted an article with more information about the buildings. That link is here. It outlines a little more of what we are dealing with.

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