Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mariott Hotel Tries to Blame Rape Victim for Assault in Front of Kids

Just when we all thought that corporate attorneys could not sink lower this article is here to prove us wrong.

We got word today from Stop Family Violence about a victim in Connecticut. According to an article by Eyewitness News 3, the victim and her 2 young children were staying at the Stamford Marriott Hotel & Spa when she was attacked at gunpoint and raped. The report goes on to say that this happened in front of her children.

The Stamford Advocate is now reporting that the Mariott Hotel is attempting to blame the woman for the attack. The paper is quoting court documents filed by the Mariott Hotel that say the victim "failed to exercise due care for her own safety and the safety of her children and proper use of her senses and facilities".


I have to wonder how much use a woman's "senses and facillities" are against a handgun. Blaming the victim never makes sense. It is even more reprehensible when there are children involved. The reports say that the youngsters in the car were age 3 and 5.

One can only hope that these children can forget about what happened. Maybe they are young enough? I know that the survivor of this horrendous act will never forget.

The Mariott Hotel has issued a statement saying "Marriott is profoundly sorry that such a terrible thing happened to the victim of this violent crime. And unfortunately this situation has created a mistaken impression that Marriott lacks respect and concern for Ms. Doe or other victims of violent crime."

My question is this, if the Mariott Hotel really is sorry why are they treating her this way in court? Why have 3 years of the life of this family been consumed by seeking justice?

The News Times reports that the attacker received a 20 year sentence. The family has a lifetime sentence to try to heal from this trauma. The Mariott Hotel has dragged the emotional pain out for 3 years already. Now, they are adding insult to injury by succombing to the age old ritual of blaming the victim. This only leads to revictimization and compounds problems for the family.

To the victim of this horrible crime:
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May you and your family find the comfort and resources you need to heal.

To the Stamford, Connecticut Mariott:
Shame on you for not providing security and for blaming a victim. The victim couldn't control what happened to she and to her family. Yet your corporation could have controlled how you treated her.

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John said...

One woman's struggle to get back on track after surviving a horrific sexual assault.

We are trying to help the woman who is a survivor of the terrible attack in Stamford in 2006 and is now trying to help her children deal with it that awful day.


This is a clip from her site:

In October 2006, I was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in front of my three and five year- old children in the parking garage of the Stamford Marriott Hotel. The attacker is now serving a 20- year sentence.

Unfortunately, my children and I will serve a lifetime sentence as a result of this experience. Although we are fortunate to receive support and counseling, this incident continues to be a source of considerable pain and difficulty for both my children and me.