Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Calling All Men 2009 Sevierville, TN

Are you going to Calling All Men on Aug. 7 & 8? It's at the Sevierville Events Center this weekend.

Even though I'm not a guy I was able to attend last year. The team putting it together generously offered our organization space for a booth. We were quick to take them up on it. (Look for us this year too!)

It is a Christian revival that goes beyond the next level. Calling All Men shares the passion of our faith then revs the engines to leave traditional revivals behind. This event transports men into an exciting life-changing relationship with God, family and friends. This year's focus is on living a legacy. There will be breakout sessions on sharing your faith, Christian marriage, Facebook and Fatherhood.

When I attended last year I saw men entering the Sevierville events center who seemed unsure of themselves and needed a boost. They needed someone to tap them on the shoulder and give them a boost. The needed someone to get them excited about who they are in Christ.

Too soon it was time to leave. By the end of the first night of Calling All Men the change was noticeable. Men who entered as strangers left as friends. They laughed with one another and joked. These men of God were energized, excited and hungry for more!

Calling All Men is an annual event. You will want to come. You will want to tell your friends. When you leave you will want to race up a mountain and shout for joy!

More information on the event can be found online:

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