Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jesus in the Park July 2009

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After the yard sale we set up headed out to set up at Jesus in the Park. The event is geared to reaching the homeless and was held again at the World's Fair Site in Knoxville. The message at the Hope for Healing.Org table was simple. God heals from abuse. To help spread the word we took approximately 75 Christian books to give away. Plus we took stacks of information on abuse, how teens can be safe on the internet and domestic violence.

We were cleaned out of information so fast that we probably set a new record. In about 45 minutes our table was clear. Several of the ladies wanted to talk. So did some of the guys.

The preaching was good. The music was great and the weather was perfect.

Jesus in the Park happens on the 3rd Saturday of August at the World's Fair Park. There is no cost. No donations are taken. The event is open to everyone but is geared to the homeless and low income.

It's an honor and privilege to be there. If you have time, come help us out.

Here are a few photos of Jesus in the Park, July 2009.

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