Sunday, August 03, 2008

1,000 Old Cell Phones, Empty Ink Jets Needed

We need old Cell Phones and used ink jet cartridges! Our goal is 1,000. Proceeds help us provide peer support to victims of sexual and domestic violence. Can you put a collection box out for us where you work or in your church?

Did you know you can support Hope for Healing.Org from anywhere in the US? Collect used cell phones and empty ink jet cartridges. There's no cost. Participating is easy. You'll be helping victims of domestic and sexual violence and helping the environment!

Getting started is easy!

1) Email us at to let us know you're collecting. We'll add you to our growing list of supporters.

2) Put a small collection box in a convenient location. Recycling a used cardboard box is great! Put a note on the box to let everyone know why you're collecting. Ask people to drop in used cell phones (no chargers), ink jets, fax and toner cartridges (They'll also take used iPods and digital cameras.) Items do not have to be in working order but it does help.

3) Put a large note in the box reading "Please credit Hope for Healing.Org."

4) Tell all of your friends and co-workers. Download materials here.

5) Ship the box for free when you've collected at least 30 items! Print a free DHL shipping label here. Call for a free pickup or drop it off at a DHL shipping center near you.

That's all there is to it! Don't forget to put out another box and email us when it's shipped. In appreciation, we'll get a thank you note right out to you.

Thanks for helping!

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