Monday, April 14, 2008

SPUMC Pastor is proposed to be leaving.

You've probably heard the scuttlebut floating around the community. It's true. Pastor John is proposed to be leaving Strawberry Plains United Methodist Church to accept another appointment in June. The announcement was made by the PPR chair during the Sunday morning worship service yesterday.

While either the church or the pastor may initiate a move, nothing is final until after Annual Conference.

We want to reassure everyone that the services provided by Hope for Healing.Org will remain the same, or expand, during this transition. While we are not now, nor have we ever been, a part of Strawberry Plains United Methodist Church, we have enjoyed a close working relationship.

To serve clients better, we will relocate all of our current services to our new address of 3130 W. Old AJ Hwy., Strawberry Plains, TN 37871.

Hope for Healing.Org looks forward to serving and being a part of the community for many years to come. If you've not checked out our new space yet please stop by. We think you'll be pleased!

We look forward to see you!


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