Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mission Madness Month

April is Mission Madness Month
in the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church

Rev. Dan Gray, Coordinator of Youth Ministries writes:

The CCYM is encouraging all youth groups in the Holston Conference to perform a service project at some point in the month of April. Of course you can always do more than one in April and any other month as well. We just thought it would be awesome if every Youth group in Holston did at least one service project the same month. Your youth group gets to decide what, when, and where you do it. Write to us at to let us know what, when and where you did your service. Send us a digital picture, too, and we'll put your Mission Madness experience on our web site.

Hope for Healing.Org is a wonderful place for your youth group to serve!
We offer the following opportunities:

Thrift Shop - Learn about retail experience from the inside out. Kids can sort, fold, hang and tag clothing. This is a project with a worldwide outreach. Overflow clothing or clothes we can't use are sold for bulk. This provides 3rd world countries with affordable clothing and helps us meet expenses.

Angel Food Saturdays - a great outreach! Kids are needed to unload the truck, set up tables and distribute food boxes.

Restorative Justice - takes place on Angel Food Saturdays. Work side by side with a first time juvenile offender. Show Christ's love by example.

Outreach events - One day, action oriented events.

Fundraising help - Dates vary. Serve food, run games, distribute awareness cards or more! Our next fundraising service date is Saturday, May 10 at our new location.

Hope Products - create sellable products from cast-off items. Turn candle scraps into candles, old blue jeans into trendy handbags, refinish furniture, give new life to dingy tees by tie-dying them. Lots of fun! Proceeds from items sold help us meet expenses.

Need a project to go? We've got those too!

Host a used cell phone or ink jet drive.
Pin ribbon awareness cards for domestic violence or sexual assault awareness month.
Fold brochures.
Staple info packets.
Host a used clothing drive.
Collect aluminum cans.
Stuff envelopes.
Hold a postage stamp drive.

Just pick these items up, get them to your youth group and bring them back. What could be simpler?

Does something sound like a good fit for your group? Contact us today! We'd love to talk with you about making hope happen in Strawberry Plains! Email

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