Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Mardi Gras items + Inspiration

Look at these great items!
Many thanks to these fine businesses!

All American Billiards - Minnesota Fats Cue Stick - Value $250
T-Shirt Tours - 2 Beach Mats - Value $40
Ruby Falls - Complimentary Pass for Two Adults and Two Children
Ocoee Outdoors - Whitewater Adventure for Two
Knoxville Zoo - Two Complimentary Passes
Salon Soleil - $20 Gift Card

We are deeply grateful for the support shown to us by these businesses. Please patronize them and all the merchants who are helping make this year's Mardi Gras a success!

Want to read something truly inspirational? Read on below...

Help comes in the most unexpected forms. Sometimes, it's right in front of you in the place - or people - you would least likely expect. We've learned that with Mardi Gras 2008 and we've learned it in a big way.

One particular couple has been instrumental in getting most of the items that we've collected so far. They are great people. Hardworking. Enduring. Homeless.


They had no job and have no place to park their camper but they wanted to pay it forward in some way. So, to help us this couple made it their mission to ask for donations as they went job hunting. Ask either of them and they'll tell you how much they wanted to give a little back for what we've done for them. We were surprised but didn't want to say no. So, off they went and back they came with arms loaded with Mardi Gras items. They met new people, had a great time and their faith in the world was renewed.

And guess what? Tomorrow, they both have their first day at the new jobs they got along the way!

Proud of them? We are.

See you at Mardi Gras!


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