Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hope Activities today...

We're going to take a thrift shop break from January through mid-February to concentrate on client services and Mardi Gras. This will also allow us to pack away the winter items and spiff everything up for spring. The shop will reopen March 1 with a grand re-opening spectacular. Look for lots of new stock, specials and a spiffy looking store.

Today has been a very busy day. To help close up shop for the month of January we had to have help. Fortunately, a a juvenile offender, two teen volunteers and another couple helped us pack up the shop. It's time for a seasonal changeover and cleaning up. It's looking terrific.

But don't worry. If you need services PLEASE stop on in. Today a couple came by looking for baby items. They're in a tight spot and with the baby coming can't afford much. We were (as always) glad to help by vouchering items for them.

While a team was helping the couple, cleaning and packing, answering the phone and working with a couple who's staying here, another team was contacting local businesses for Mardi Gras. They had a productive day. Wait til you see the list. I think you'll be impressed.

Well, there's the phone again. I'll talk with you soon.

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