Friday, November 02, 2007

Belk $5 Charity Day Tickets on Sale Now!

See our article on the website of the Koxville News Sentinel.

The holiday season always mean an increased need for the services we provide. Besides the usual need for food, clothing and necessities there is an emphasis on familiy activities during the holiday season. Most families enjoy this time of year eagerly gathering for Thanksgiving dinner and catching up with relatives. But for families already under stress the added strain of the holidays flares tempers and shortens fuses. Helpline calls increase and so do requests for help with basic necessities.

We do the best we can but we need your help.

Fundraisers, like the mentioned Belk Charity sale provide needed funds for us to operate on and help families with. People are also needed to help sell tickets individually and/or volunteer at a table in the department store.

But the help we need isn't limited to fundraising. We need help in all areas.f

Monday night we're having a helpline training. Do you have a heart for others? Would you have an evening a month or a weekend to answer calls? If so, call or email us for the location and time of the training. Calls are forwarded into a cell phone that goes where you go. The training is free.

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