Monday, September 10, 2007

Angel Food Deadline Friday. Can you sponsor?

Our angel food deadline is Friday at 5:00 pm. Don't forget to bring your orders to our office. We have to turn in orders on Monday morning.

This month, we have had two requests for boxes for which we have no sponsors. Can you help? The basic boxes are $28.00. Payment would need to be received by Friday.

  1. The first situation is a mom who's recently gotten a new job because she and her husband thought it was best. They didn't know it would get their family removed from food stamps. They used her entire first check to pay the light bill. Now, they can have electricty but no food. Three middle school kids are in the picture. They can reapply for food stamps but it will be awhile before they hear anything.
  2. The second situation is an older couple. Living on social security is hard. It's even harder when there is a chronic illness and medicines to buy. They are not on food stamps and don't normally ask for assistance but need a little help this month. Plus, he's having surgery tomorrow.
Both of these families seem to be deserving. They are trying very hard to make ends meet. If you can sponsor all or part of a food box they'd appreciate it. Just let us know how much you can do and which situation you want to help with.

And please, don't forget to use Yahoo powered Good as your internet search engine. Designate "Hope for Healing.Org in Jefferson City" and each time you search they'll donate a penny. 1000 people searching twice a day can raise $7,300 annually!

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